(14 September 2023) We’re pleased to welcome on board Kay Cawthron, who has ‘taken the King’s shilling’ and joined the team, bringing her wealth of experience along with her.

A Brief History

Having graduated from Sheffield University and qualified as an adult nurse in 1997, much of Kay’s career has been spent working clinically in Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics and Research.

In 2011 while working in Orthopaedics she successfully gained a secondment that saw her setting up a new ‘Fracture Liaison’ service which maximized the number of at-risk individuals within a caseload for Osteoporotic fractures.

She was nominated for a ‘Thank you award’ at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (STH), receiving commendation for her innovative practice and service provision. This experience led her into the field of research where she managed and supported the delivery of a large portfolio of research trials. 2017 saw her become one of the first antimicrobial Nurse leads in England, developing programs and interventions which promoted and monitored judicious use of antimicrobials to preserve their future effectiveness.

More recently, whilst working alongside microbiologists at STH Kay was given the opportunity to work on and co-author a research project within the COVID pandemic which has now been published.

What’s In a Name

Kay’s role as Lead Nurse NEY GMSA, entails primarily working across a number of workstreams on Equity of Access projects, such as BRCA, and leading the transformation / service improvement activities.