In October 2022, the latest version of the National Test Directory (NTD) for Cancer (NHS England » National genomic test directory) was published by NHSE; this sets out the national strategy for the genomic tests that are available for cancer diagnostics tests and the technologies by which testing will be delivered.

The NEY GLH solid tumour service is delivered by a regional team across the three genomic laboratory services. Details on how to order a test are described below.

Cancer genomics diagnostics are funded centrally by NHSE and so referring Trusts will not be charged for these services if they refer testing to their designated local GLH.

For the majority of solid tumour genomics tests, please use the newly available NEYGLH solid cancer genomics referral form. For DPYD testing, HRD scoring in ovarian cancers and related tumours, whole genome sequencing, and cell free DNA testing, please use the specific referral forms for these services

Note. Cellular Pathology activity is funded separately and will still be charged for.


The Cancer Team

Paul Roberts
Lead Scientist: Cancer
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Alastair Greystoke
Clinical Lead: Oncology

Sally Lane
Clinical Lead: Pathology
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Gavin Cuthbert
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Laura Ions
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Rebecca Pollitt
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Mark Watson
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Steve Morris
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Julie Atkey
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