Welcome to the NEY Genomic Medicine Service

The following resources have been created thanks to the feedback and information given to us during the project.

You already provide care throughout the pregnancy continuum in relation to genomics, from the early pregnancy booking to the newborn examination.

These resources have been produced to assist you on this journey and act as a prompt to ‘Think Genomics’ .

Flash Cards


The card provides examples of genetic ‘red flags’ and acts as a prompt to complete an early referral to clinical genetics. The cards are not designed to replace local referral pathways, but to ensure the end point is the same – equity of access to genomic counselling and support.

‘Think Genomics’ Poster

This is for display in staff areas, helping to raise awareness of genomics in maternity care.

The Peri-Gen Passport

The passport is designed to provide a consistent method of communication for pregnant people when an anomaly has been seen at their ultrasound scan.

The passport documents the care plan during the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. It is hand-held and completed by the pregnant person with the assistance of the healthcare professionals looking after them.

It will be piloted in Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust before exploring further roll out across the region.

Staff Training Videos

Here are 3 examples of a booking appointment being undertaken using clinical situations relevant to genomics.

Taking a Genomic history – Considering Consanguinity

This video highlights the midwifery role in taking an obstetric history regarding previous pregnancies with fetal anomalies and subsequent genetic tests. While a history of consanguinity alone is not a genetic red flag, it does however add to the relevance of this genetics referral.

Taking a Medical History with a Genomic Focus

This video highlights the referral pathway when a family member has a genetic condition. The information captured can aid the clinical genetics referral process.

Taking an Obstetric History with a Genomic Focus

This video highlights the role of the midwife in exploring pregnancy loss with a genetic reason. It demonstrates potential issues in lack of access to further testing due to the recent covid restrictions.