Go Live for the Diagnostic Pathway for Larotrectinib

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On 21st April 2020, NICE announced that Larotrectinib has been made available via the Cancer Drugs Fund for treatment of NTRK fusion-positive solid tumours which meet a set of criteria.

NICE final appraisal document

Cancer Drugs Fund

Following this announcement, we are pleased to confirm that phase 1 NTRK testing is available to clinicians within our region through the North East and Yorkshire GLH using the Illumina Trusight RNA fusion panel.

Patients are eligible for testing in phase 1 if their diagnosis is in one of the 5 groups below


Testing group




Four cancers in which NTRK gene fusion incidence is very high (>90%):

–  Infantile fibrosarcoma
–  Congenital mesoblastic nephroma
–  Mammary-variant salivary gland cancer
–  Secretory breast cancer




Three cancers in which NTRK gene fusion incidence is between 5 and 25%:

–  Gastro-intestinal stromal tumours (GISTs)
–  Thyroid cancers
–  Spitzoid neoplasms




Children (0-16 years) with solid tumours being treated in Principal Treatment Centres




Teenagers (16-18 years) with solid tumours




Young adults (18-25) with solid tumours



If you wish to request testing please complete a request form and send with the sample to your local GLH laboratory.

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