Nurses are vital to providing genomic testing conversations, personalised care and better patient outcomes.


How does genomics impact my role? And what can I do to better support patients?

Having more contact with patients than anyone else, nurses are integral to delivering a world-leading genomic medicine service.  Key genomic touchpoints for tasks undertaken by nurses include recording a patient’s medical/family history, taking samples for diagnosis, and dispensing medication, which can all help tailor an individual’s care based on genomics.

Nurses also play an important role in providing patients with information about their care, answering questions that they have and representing patients at multi-disciplinary team meetings.


All nurses need to have a basic understanding of genomics in the context of their role, which is why genomics is now included in the NMC standards of proficiency for registered nurses. Genomics is increasingly important, and the integration of genomic medicine into routine clinical care will not be possible without the work of nurses across the health service.



How can I learn more?

Contact us to learn more

The NE&Y genomics education network has been established to bring together all those working in the genomics education arena in the region. The outcomes from this group will be shared on the website going forwards however, if you have any suggestions for the group, please contact Julie or Emma.

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Team lead

Gill Moss, Nurse Director NEY GMSA and Lead Nurse North West GMSA