As a midwife, we are able to empower families to make informed choices by ensuring we are up to date with developments in care.

Watch this video to find out more about careers in genomics for midwives. Denise Barnes, NEY GMS Lead Midwife, shares her own journey into genomics and a few insights into current developments that will transform maternity care of pregnant people in the future.

What training is available?

The Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors is an organisation representing genetic counsellors, genetic nurses and non-medical, patient-facing staff working within the discipline of Clinical Genetics, NHS Genomic Medicine Centres and wider healthcare settings in the UK and Ireland.

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It’s important that midwives share what they know about genomic medicine and continue to learn.

Midwives have always adapted and developed their pregnancy, in light of new advances in screening and testing.  Learning more about genomics is the next step.

How is genomics relevant to midwifery?

We are already proficient in providing the offer of screening tests for genetic conditions during pregnancy. Genomics is about the bigger picture, studying the impact of changes in the DNA to provide more personalised care and treatment. To continue to be an advocate for families, we continue to commit to keeping update with these advances in health care.

Conversations between a midwife and parents may identify a family history relating to genetic conditions.  Some of the routine screening tests also search for genetic conditions and may lead to referral to a specialist team.

Neonatal examinations and screening tests after birth, such as the blood spot test and universal hearing screening, may also uncover genetic conditions.


How can I learn more?

Contact your lead midwife for genomics in the North East and Yorkshire to find out how to develop your specific needs.

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Gill Moss, Nurse Director NEY GMSA and Lead Nurse North West GMSA
Denise Barnes, Lead midwife