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Meet Abigayle, Clinical Scientist at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. In her role as a Clinical Scientist, Abigayle focuses on whole genome sequencing (WGS) in neurology to help diagnose patients with epilepsy.

WGS is the most comprehensive form of genetic testing currently in clinical use. It sequences all the DNA in a person’s genome. Abigayle is responsible for processing referrals, sending samples for testing and analysing the data when the results come back.  She studies the subset of genes associated with epilepsy and reports the findings to clinicians, to inform a patient’s care.

Abigayle joined Sheffield Children’s as a Band 3 Laboratory Associate after her MSc in Human and Molecular Genetics at the University of Sheffield. After around nine months, she’d gained the skills and clinical insights to secure promotion to a Band 6 role and a place on the Scientist Training Programme.  She has recently completed her training and secured a Band 7 role as a qualified Clinical Scientist.

What excites me most about my role is that I’m one of the people in Sheffield working on Whole Genome Sequencing. This technique is at the forefront of the genomics movement. Genomics is constantly expanding and evolving, and can have a really positive impact on a patient’s care. Because of genomics, we’re able to offer some patients treatment and care that wouldn’t have been possible previously.

“I’d say to anyone interested in working in genomics that you’ll never get bored.  With the introduction of new technology and our knowledge grows, any role in genomics is constantly changing.  Now, is the time to shape the way we use science to drive even better patient outcomes in the future”

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