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Meet Liam, Genetic Technologist at The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. As a Genetic Technologist, Liam processes and analyses samples, playing a vital role in our ability to diagnose and care for patients with inherited conditions.

What motivates Liam in his work is making a difference to patients. His role brings together his passion for science and background in customer service.  Whilst at the NHS, Liam has been able to work his way up and is currently being supported to complete a part time Masters in Genomic Medicine alongside working full-time.

I get huge satisfaction out of knowing that when I go home in the evening, we’ve returned the patient’s results.  That’s a good day.”

Liam describes his work as having no two days the same.  His advice to people wanting a career in Genetics is to go for it. He says, “I began working in the NHS as an Endoscopy administrator during lock down and I haven’t looked back. With my first degree in Neuroscience, I rapidly secured a role as a Higher Level Biomedical Support Worker preparing and processing samples in the lab and went on to be promoted to a Genetic Technologist.”

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