(29 November 2023) The National Genomics Education programme has launched the Clinical Pathway Initiative (CPI) an exciting new framework for supporting the genomics education needs of the NHS workforce.

The first completed pathway to be published nationally was launched, rather appropriately in October – Cholesterol Awareness Month. The Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) CPI will help health professionals:

  • Plan genomic medicine service delivery for patients with FH, etc.
  • Identify & address their colleagues’ training needs
  • Assess & develop their own knowledge and skills.

The Spread of Genomics & the Importance of the Clinical Pathway Initiative

As the use of genomics becomes more widespread across all areas of healthcare, it is important to develop a common approach to the training and education of NHS health professionals.

To meet this need, the National Genomics Education programme has developed CPIs which aim to provide a nationally co-ordinated and consistent approach to the integration of genomic medicine across NHS workforce education & training.

The aim of each CPI pathway is to identify the key genomics competencies required of health professionals involved in each step of the patient journey.

To achieve this, a clinical pathway will be broken down into its shorter component pathways, and the key competencies required by health professionals to deliver on each of these steps will be identified, along with the educational resources required to support each competency.