About the GMS Alliance

Genomic Medicine Centres Alliance (GMSA)

The national network of NHS GMS Alliances will oversee and coordinate the embedding of genomics into mainstream clinical care and the link with personalised medicine.

The North East & Yorkshire GMSA will build on the successful partnerships that have formed across our geography over the last 6 years through our NHS Genomic Medicine Centres (GMCs) and more recently, the NHS Genomic Laboratory Hub (GLH).

Our GMSA geography covers approximately 16% of the population of England and is the second largest, which brings a range of opportunities for the region that will be driven through the Alliance Network in particular, Integrated Care Systems, Cancer Alliances and Primary Care Networks. It will build on extensive existing local and regional clinical networks across a broad range of specialties.

The GMSA will work in close collaboration with existing scientific and clinical leadership posts in the Genomic Laboratory Hub, clinical genetics services and other regional networks.

NE&Y Clinical Priorities

  • Lynch syndrome testing,
  • Familial hypercholesterolemia testing
  • DPYD testing for patients requiring fluoropyrimidines


Equity of Access

  • A programme of education aimed at medical and nursing levels across all providers to increase genomic understanding and support workforce transformation
  • Development of referral pathways into specialist care
  • Collaborative working with existing projects involving consanguineous and hard to reach populations, working with local oversight committees to monitor equity of access
  • Strengthening existing links with primary care to provide a network of genomic information and support through GP IT systems


Pharmacy Transformation

  • Map relevant stakeholders and networks for pharmacy and medicine optimisation across the region including groups such as the Yorkshire & Humber patient safety translational research centre
  • Undertake a baseline review of current awareness and input from pharmacy on genomics
  • Develop a strategy for workforce development
  • Lead on pharmacogenetics and personalised medicine transformation projects


Patient and public representation

Patient and public representatives will be involved in the identification and co-design of local projects. This will involve:

  • Establishing local PPI fora and developing a communications strategy
  • Developing information material for public and professional engagement using multiple media


The NE&Y GMSA will bring together researchers interested in common themes across the region including Pharmacy, patient safety and precision medicine, Gene therapy, Psychosocial aspects of genomics and Molecular, epigenetic and translational research.


NHS Genomic Medicine Research Collaborative

The NHS Genomic Medicine Research Collaborative aims to:

  • Facilitate genomic research within the NHS, at all levels and disciplines, providing a cross-cutting service to the transformation programmes
  • Provide a network to promote collaboration within the NHS across the entire NEY geography
  • Support greater links between the NHS, Higher Educational institutions and commercial companies within the region, for the benefit of patients


Our GMSA research collaborative will develop a research strategy that:

  • Prioritises research in areas of unmet clinical need; encourage and support research collaboration across different themes that address inequity of access to genomic developments
  • Continues to support and facilitate existing strengths in mitochondrial disease, neuromuscular disease, neurology, cancer and bone disease
  • Works closely with the AHSNs, BRCs, CRNS and other research structures across the region

National Genomic Test Directory

The 2020/2021 National Genomic Test Directory for rare and inherited disorders and cancer.

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