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Introducing the podcast series from the North East & Yorkshire Genomic Medicine Service

‘The Road to Genome’ is a new podcast series from NEY GMS – launching on 11 March – that provides an exciting new opportunity to engage healthcare professionals from across the NHS on a journey of discovery in the fast-moving, innovative field of genomic medicine. Selected guests will share their own personal stores and experiences and inspire others to get involved.

Who’s it for?

The primary audience for our podcast series is healthcare professionals from across the spectrum in the NHS. However, the show content, and conversational format, means that anyone interested in genomics will enjoy the podcast including patients, the wider public and healthcare colleagues from charities and partner organisations.

Meet your host, Helen Bethell

The podcast series is hosted by Helen Bethell, NEY GMS Workforce Development and Education Lead. As an experienced genetic counsellor and passionate advocate of staff development and learning, Helen is the perfect host for the show.

Get to know Helen by reading our interview with her.

Introducing Series Two

In this series, we’ll talk to healthcare professionals and experts in the field to understand more of the science behind genomics. We’ll also be talking about their personal journeys and the different – sometimes unusual – paths they’ve taken during their careers.

And, most importantly, we’ll gain insights into the emotional rollercoaster experienced by patients undergoing genetic testing, diagnosis and treatment.

So, if all of this sounds interesting, and you’re curious to learn more…

Search for The Road to Genome on your favourite podcast app, or listen below. (We’re available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more.)


Chapter 1 – A Patient’s Journey Through Genetic Testing
Following Helen’s interview with Jack, if you are interested in finding out more about cardiomyopathy, please follow the links below:
Chapter 2 – How Genomics Supports The Patient Journey
Here are some links for further reading on some of the areas touched on in our interview with Dr Jackie Cook about her work as a Consultant Clinical Geneticist and the impact of genomics on treatment for patients.

Chapter 3 & 4 – Genomic Pioneers: In Conversation with Professor Sir John Burn
If you were interested in Sir John’s work on Lynch Syndrome, please see the links below to find out more about this condition.

Chapter 5 – Genes, Guidance, and the Role of the Genetic Counsellor
If you want to learn more about the role of the Genetic Counsellor, please see the links below.